An Apron & A Tea Box

My daughter was down from Vermont a few weeks ago.  She came to visit with us and soak up some sunshine!  Since I didn’t get to see her on her birthday, I decided to create and present her with a couple of special gifts.  She, like me, enjoys crafting so I she needed a craft apron.  I took this apron and painted her name on it.  She also enjoys a cup of hot tea like her mom so, I felt it appropriate she had her own tea box to store her tea bags inside.  I created one for myself years ago, and I use it every day!  I just love mine and thought she would benefit from having one herself.  I have to say that she was thrilled when she opened it up!

aprontea-boxtea-insideHer tea box has a bit of modern flare to it.  However, the designer paper I used came from a paperpack that incorporated a felt like texture on some of the papers.  You can see this in the top part of the open box.  I used various embellishments, rubons, and a metal butterfly to finish the lid.  I just love the colors and how this turned out!  She has already got her box full with tea!  I hope she cherishes this for many years.

Have a creative day!


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