Altered Cigar Box

I so enjoy taking simple items and putting my own spin on them! I altered this cigar box into a treasure keeper for my son. I didn’t want to deviate too much from the integrity of the box itself. So, the only paper I added was in the very inside bottom.  I used a velvet paper as I thought it to be more appropriate and smoother.  The rest of the box I used several Tim Holtz and 7 Gypsy items I already had in my stash of goodies.  Take note of certain significant items I added. I chose the bingo chip of 84 to represent the year he was born. On the bottom of the box I added mini cards with “Jer” (nickname) and 25 for day he was born. Check out the feet that I added to the bottom of the box!  I hope he enjoys using this box as much as I enjoyed making it!  Also, need to mention that my husband actually helped put door handle on front of box. Needed a bit more help using some of his tools.


Hope I have inspired you to create something fun!


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