March 1st we lost our beloved dog, Harry.  Harry was 16 years old and brought a ton of joy to our home!  In his younger years he loved to chase tennis balls and would literally run for them as long as you could hold out throwing them!

Harry was a rescue dog who, at first, we weren’t sure he was going to fit in with our busy family. He had incurred quite a bit of trauma before coming home with us and it took him a few months to adjust to us as it did for us to adjust to him.  Initially, we thought he was a brown dog when we brought him home but after we bathed him discovered he was a gorgeous white with brown and red flecks and spots on his coat.

Harry enjoyed the evening cocktail hour when the family gathered in the back yard and reflected on what happened during the day. This was a time everyone enjoyed and Harry adapted the nickname “Cocktail” because he would bark when someone got the drinks ready to go outside.

I taught Harry to sing and Oh boy, did he ever sing! I used to collect Hallmark snowmen every year and one year they had one with a dog and snowman that sang Jingle Bells. The dog howled and once Harry learned he could sing and howl he never let up! We ended up leaving that snowman out year round and it still sits in our living room. He even taught Sassy, our Dachshund to sing as well. It literally became a tradition!  God, I miss him!

Harry was quite the traveler too! He loved going to the mountains and when you arrived and he smelled the mountain air he got so very excited!

He also traveled to Washington D.C. to see our son. He went to Georgia, Virginia, and all over Florida with us.  He stayed in Gainesville with our daughter and her husband and played with their dogs.  All of our kids loved Harry!  He had several other nicknames like “Hairball” and “Bugs”.

In 2008, we thought we were going to lose him because he blew a couple of discs in his back. That was a true experience for me as I had to take him to Orlando to a dog spine veterinarian. It experienced an amazing recovery! A few years later, he ate a dog chew that lodged in his intestine tract and had to undergo emergency surgery to remove.  He certainly expended a few lives!

Harry loved his doggie sister, Sassy and his kitty friends, Ms. Kitty and Tebow.  He knew Ms. Kitty ruled the home and he loved to play “beat up” with Tebow!  He was quite a ring leader!  He totally enjoyed stealing leftover cat food! We swore the darn cats left him some intentionally!

Harry loved playing chicken and made the most crazy noise when he flung it back and forth. He loved Gator football and got excited when a touchdown occurred!

As Harry aged his bones became brittle and his leg joints deteriorated thus making it very difficult for him to support his own weight.  It was a very difficult decision to let him go but at the same time heartbreaking to see him suffer.  The vets office were very kind to us and they were also just as upset as we were as Harry had been their patient for several years. There were many tears shed over the loss of him.

There will never be another Harry! I thank God that he gave us the opportunity to have him as part of our family. He is sorely missed! Rest In Peace, Buddy!


I love you little guy!


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